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Skill Level - Beginner

Our pattern this month is actually four patterns in one!

Your first option is to stitch the heart as it is shown. Your second and third options are to stitch one-half of the design and then stitch the reverse of this design on the other half. Your fourth option is to stitch the heart as it is shown and then completely fill it in with more flowers and leaves.

Supplies Needed for SweetHeart

6" x 6" (or larger to fit embroidery hoop) Background Fabric
Embroidery Hoop
Assortment of 4mm Silk Ribbons in Flower and Leaf Colors
Silk or Cotton Floss - Green and Spider Web Rose Color
Chenille Needles Sizes 18-22
Embroidery Needle Size 8, 9, or 10
Air Erasable Marking Pen

Optional: Lining Fabric for your Background Fabric
Circle Template

Heart Guide

Let's get started! The line drawing of the heart above measures 2 1/4" square. You may have to adjust the size accordingly.

With your air erasable pen trace outline of above heart onto your background fabric.

Using the stitch diagram below as a guide, stitch your flowers in the following order:

Spider Web Rose
Colonial Knot-Running Stitch Combination Flowers
Stem Stitch Rose
French Knot Flowers

Now, let's fill in our heart with leaves and French Knot flowers.

Stitch your leaves first. Since no two stitcheries are exactly the same, you may need to stitch more or fewer leaves than the sample. We used Ribbon Stitch leaves by the Spider Web Roses, Lazy Daisy Stitch leaves by the Colonial Knot-Running Stitch flowers, Lazy Daisy Stitch leaves between the Spider Web Rose and Stem Stitch Rose, Lazy Daisy Stitch leaves in the top left corner and bottom right corner, and Straight Stitch leaves for the rest.

Now, we'll fill in with French Knots. Refer to the photo for placement ideas.
The finished size of our SweetHeart is 2 1/4" x 3". Your finished measurements may be different.

Finally, with one to two strands of green floss, stitch a Fly Stitch around the French Knot flowers on the top right of your heart.

And, that's all there is to it!

If you need help with your stitches, we recommend the book, A-Z of Ribbon Embroidery. It's an excellent how-to manual with terrific instructions and pretty projects to stitch. To take a look at this book click here.

Our free patterns are copyrighted designs offered to you for your personal use only.
Please do not copy, distribute, kit, or make use of this design in any other way.
If you have any questions regarding this copyright, please contact us. Enjoy stitching!

David and Carolyn McCray
Cottage Quilts